Emerald van 't Ruytershof   |   °19-05-2004   |   BWP   |   chestnut   |   1m70   |   Diamant De Semilly x Carthago x Lys De Darmen
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Diamant De Semilly  Le Tot De Semilly  Grand Veneur 
Venue Du Tot 
Venise Des Cresles  Elf 111 
Miss Des Cresles 
Carthina Z  Carthago  Capitol 1 
Tanagra 'S' VH Darohof  Lys De Darmen 
Gesina VH Darohof 


Emerald - CSI5* LGCT Cannes - GP - JO
Emerald - CSI5* LGCT Cannes - GP - R1
Emerald - CSI5* S'Hertogenbosch - Jump Off - 11 03 2018
Emerald - CSI5 S'Hertogenbosch - Round 1 - 11 03 2018
Empress EH Z - Mare 2011 by Emerald van't Ruytershof x Darco - 7y old horses - CSI5* Leipzig - D1
Igor - La Coruna - GP JO - 2017
Igor - La Coruna - GP R1 -2017
Emerald - WK Final Zangersheide
Emerald - CSI5*-W Bordeaux - Grand Prix - Jump Off - 2018
Emerald - CSI5*-W Bordeaux - Grand Prix Round 1 - 2018
Empress EH Z - Mare 2011 by Emerald van't Ruytershof x Darco - 7y old horses - CSI5* Leipzig - D2
Emerald's Highlights of 2017
Emerald - Stars in the Spotlight GCT
Emerald - Chantilly 2017 GP Jump off
Emerald - Chantilly 2017 Grand Prix
Emerald - Rio Olympics 2016 Team Competition
Emerald - Rio Olympics 2016 1st Individual Qualifier
Emerald - Final round World Cup Final Gothenburg
Emerald - World Cup Final Gothenburg 1st round 3rd leg


€ 800,00
for 1 frozen straw
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Caroline Smolders
Tel BE: +32 471 390 101
Tel NL: +31 622 523 648


Igor (Emerald x Nabab de Reve) °2008
Jeunesse van 't Paradijs (Emerald x Heartbreaker) °2009
Ilias Van 't Vlasmeer (Emerald x Ludwig Von Bayern) °2008
I m Special De Muze (Emerald x Nabab De Reve) °2008

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Approved for BWP, KWPN, Selle Fran�ais, Westfalen
2nd place World Cup G�teborg 2016
Finalist Olympic Games Rio 2016
Winner Nations Cup Rotterdam

Palmares :


4° Table A – 1m55/1m60 – CSI5***** GCT/GCL Rome, Foro Italico 
2° Grand Prix - Table A - with Jump Off - GP 1m60 CSI5***** LGCT Cannes 

2° Longines FEI World Cup Jumping Final - 150/160 CSI-W Final Paris
3° Rolex Grand Prix - Table A - with Jump Off - GP 160 CSI5***** S'Hertogenbosch
3° VDL Groep Prize - Table A - with Jump Off - 155 CSI5***** S'Hertogenbosch 
1° Grand Prix - Table A - 160 CSI5*-W Bordeaux

3° Table A – 150-160 CSI5***** GCT/GCL Valkenswaard
6° Grand Prix Table A – 160 CSI5 ***** GCT/GCL Valkenswaard
4° Grand Prix Table A – 160 CSI5***** GCT/GCL London
11° Table A – 155 CSI5***** GCT/GCL London
11° Preis von Nordrhein-Westfalen – 155 CSIO5 ***** RGS Aachen
1° Grand Prix Table A – 160 CSI5***** GCT/GCL Chantilly
12° Table A – 155-160 CSI5***** GCT/GCL Cannes
10° Grand Prix Table A – 160 CSI5***** GCT/GCL Cannes
2°  10-Grand Prix Renault et de la ville de Versailles – 155 CSI5***** Versailles
6° Table A – 155-160 CSI5***** GCT/GCL Miami FL
4° Grand Prix Table A – 160 CSI5***** GCT/GCL Miami FL
2nd place World Cup Final Göteborg
Olympic Games Rio: Individual + Team final
Winner Nations Cup Rotterdam
3rd place GP CSIO5* Rotterdam

1° Nations Cup Team comp. (jo) CSIO Falsterbo Harrie Smolders
1° G.P.W Mixed comp. **** CSI Washington Harrie Smolders
2° Grand Prix Mixed comp. *** CSI Lanaken Harrie Smolders
2° Grand Prix Mixed comp. CSIO Lummen Harrie Smolders
2° 1.50 Against the clock *** CSI Wellington Harrie Smolders
4° 1.50 Mixed comp. *** CSI Lanaken Harrie Smolders
5° Nations Cup Team comp. (jo) CSIO Lummen Harrie Smolders
5° 1.60 Mixed comp. ***** CSI Wolvertem Harrie Smolders
5° 1.50 Against the clock *** CSI Wellington Harrie Smolders
6° Grand Prix Two rounds CSIO San Gallo Harrie Smolders
8° Nations Cup Team comp. (jo) CSIO La Baule Harrie Smolders
9° 1.45 Against the clock **** CSI Washington Harrie Smolders
10° 1.50 Mixed comp. **** CSI Washington Harrie Smolders 

2° Nations Cup Team comp. (jo) CSIO Rotterdam Harrie Smolders
4° Grand Prix Mixed comp. *** CSI Sint-Katelijne-Waver Harrie Smolders
5° Nations Cup Team comp. (jo) CSIO Falsterbo Harrie Smolders
6° 1.40 Two ph. - T.D. *** CSI Eindhoven Harrie Smolders
6° 1.55 Mixed comp. ***** CSI Basel Harrie Smolders
6° 1.60 Mixed comp. ***** CSI Paris Harrie Smolders
10° 1.45 Mixed comp. *** CSI Eindhoven Harrie Smolders 

1st      Nations Cup                     CSIO5* Aachen
1st      Nations Cup                     CSIO5* Gijon
1st      Grand Prix                        CSI3* Lanaken
1st      Grand Prix                        CSI2* Vilamoura Atlantic Tour
2nd    Grand Prix                         CSI4* Antwerp
2nd    Grand Prix                         CSI3* Vilamoura Atlantic Tour
3rd     1m60 mixed comp           CSIW5* Olympia
3rd     Grand Prix                         CSIW5* Oslo
4th     Grand Prix                          CSIW5* Olympia
4th     Grand Prix                          CSI5* Valkenswaard
4th     1m50 Against the clock   CSI5* Valkensward

3rd     1m50 Mixed Comp              CSI5* Geneva
4th     1m45 Againt the clock         CSI4* Vienna
4th     Grand Prix                             CSI2* Bonheiden
6th     1m60 Doubles & Triples     CSI5* Geneva
8th     1m40 Againt the clock        CSI2* Wieze
9th     1m50 Mixed comp               CSI Wellington USA
9th     1m40 Mixed comp               CSI2* Assen

1st     Gent,                                             stallion competition
1st     Winter Equestrian Nights,         stallion competition
1st     CSI Mechelen                             stallion competition
4th     7 yrs Mixed comp                      CSI3* Hardelot
5th     6/7 yrs                                          CSIO5* Rotterdam
6th     6/7 yrs Two phase                     CSIO5* Rotterdam

Reserve Champion Zangersheide, WK 6 jarige paarden


09/09/2018 3rd place for Jos and Caracas in the LR 1m60 Grand Prix of CSI5***** GCT Rome

 3rd place for Jos and Caracas in the LR 1m60 Grand Prix of CSI5***** GCT Rome


After Jos and Caracas already finishing 3rd place on Friday, in the 1m50/1m55 class at CSI5***** LGCL Rome.

Yesterday the duo finished 3rd place in the 1m60 GRAND PRIX at CSI5***** LGCT Rome.

With 5 combinations in the jump-off, he ended the course in 38.85 sec.

Photo Credit: Stefano Grasso - LGCT/LGCL 

09/09/2018 4th place for Emerald and Harrie in the LR 1m55/1m60 class at CSI5***** LGCL Rome

Yesterday Emerald and Harrie finished 4th place in the 1m55/1m60 LR against the clock class at CSI5***** LGCL Rome.

They finished the course in 73.51 sec, good for the 4th place.


The Montreal Diamonds remain in the current overall standings of 2018 on 6th place after leg 15 in Rome.

Photo Credit: Stefano Grasso - LGCT/LGCL 

31/08/2018 9th place for Jos and Caracas in the 1m55 class at CSI5* Brussels Stephex Masters


Jos and Caracas finished in 9th place in the final class of the day, a 1m55 class with Jump-Off at CSI5***** Brussels Stephex Masters.

26/08/2018 Good results for Jos at CSI5*****/CSI2** Jumping International de Valence


Good results for Jos at CSI5*****/CSI2** Jumping International de Valence (France).

Jos and his promising 8y old Cor-Leon vd Vlierbeek Z jumped really well this weekend at CSI2** Valence.
With Igor (by Emerald) Jos took the 5th place in the 1m50 class against the clock at CSI5***** Valence.

Results of the weekend:


Table A against the clock – 1m40 – CSI2** Valence

7th place – Cor Leon vd Vlierbeek Z – J. Verlooy



Table A with Jump-Off – 1m40 – CSI2** Valence

3rd place – Cor Leon vd Vlierbeek Z – J. Verlooy



Table A against the clock – 1m50 – CSI5***** Valence

5th place – Igor – J. Verlooy





19/08/2018 Nice results for Jos at CSI2* & CSIYH1* at Lier


Nice results for Jos at CSI2** & CSIYH1* at Lier.

Results of the weekend:


Table A - 2 Phases Special – CSIYH1* 6y –  Lier

2nd place – Eminem SBK Z  – J. Verlooy

8th place – Maserati M – J. Verlooy


Table A – 2 Phases – 1m40 - CSI2** Lier

2nd place – Romeo De Villaret – J. Verlooy

Sunday :

Table A – with Jump Off – CSIYH1* 6y –  Lier

2nd place – Maserati M – J. Verlooy


Table A – 2 Phases – 1m40 - CSI2** Lier

6th place – Herald van’t Ruytershof – J. Verlooy




05/08/2018 Harrie and Zinius win the final class of the weekend at CSI5* GCT London


After Harrie and Zinius won the 1m45 opening class on Friday, today the duo won the 1m50/1m55 final class with Jump Off at CSI5***** GCT London.
With 9 combinations in the Jump Off and 4 combinations with a double clear round he finished in 41.96 sec, good for the 1st place. 

Results of the weekend:


Two phases - 1m45 - CSI5***** GCT London
Winner - Zinius - H. Smolders


Table a with Jump Off - 1m50/1m55 - CSI5***** GCT London
Winner - Zinius - H. Smolders

Montreal Diamonds - Global Champions League
6th place in the current overall ranking 2018

15/07/2018 Results of the weekend at CSI5* GCL/GCT Chantilly

Results of the weekend at CSI5***** GCT/GCL Chantilly


Table A with Jump Off – 1m60 – Grand Prix – CSI5***** GCT/GCL Chantilly

9th place – Caracas – J. Verlooy



Table A against the Clock – 1m45 – CSI5***** GCT-GCL Chantilly

5th place – Zinius – H. Smolders

08/07/2018 Victory for the Montreal Diamonds at the Global Champions League of CSI5* PARIS

Super performances from the Montreal Diamonds in the 10th leg of the Global Champions League at CSI5***** GCT Paris.

With a double clear round from Jos (Igor) and Harrie (Don VHP Z N.O.P) on Thursday, they both jumped yesterday a brilliant clear round and secured the number one spot.

After leg 10 in Paris the Montreal Diamonds are now in the 5th place at the current overall standings 2018.

Then after the GCL there was also the LGCT Grand Prix of Paris  to jump, Harrie and Don VHP Z N.O.P did another outstanding performance and finished in 3rd place.

Photo Credit: Stefano Grasso - GCL/GCT

Results of the weekend:


Table A against the clock – 1m50/1m55 – CSI5***** GCL Paris

Winner – Igor – J. Verlooy


GCL Round 1 – Table A against the clock – 1m50/1m55 – CSI5***** Paris

2nd place – Montreal Diamonds – J. Verlooy (Igor) – H. Smolders (Don VHP Z N.O.P)


Six Bar Competition – CSI5***** GCT Paris

3rd place – Japatero VDM – J. Verlooy


Friday :

Table A with Jump-Off – 1m50/1m55 – CSI5***** GCT Paris

3rd place – Zinius – H. Smolders



GCL Round 2 – Table A against the clock – 1m55/1m60 – CSI5***** Paris

WINNER – Montreal Diamonds – J. Verlooy (Igor) – H. Smolders (Don VHP Z N.O.P)


Grand Prix of Paris – Table A with Jump-Off – 1m60 – CSI5***** GCT Paris

3rd place – Don VHP Z N.O.P – H. Smolders

05/07/2018 Win for Igor and Jos at CSI5* LGCT/GCL Paris

Jos and Igor (by Emerald) won this afternoon the CSI5* Global Champions League 1m50/1m55 class against the clock right under the Eiffel tower in Paris.

With Jos (Igor) and Harrie (Don VHP Z) both jumping a beautiful clear round the Montreal Diamonds are currently in the second place after Round 1. 

This evening there was also a Six Bars Competition where Jos competed with Japatero VDM, they finished 3rd place.


24/06/2018 Gold Medal for Team Belgium & Bronze Medal for Team Netherlands at the FEI Longines Nations Cup CSIO5* Rotterdam

Gold Medal for Team Belgium & Bronze Medal for Team Netherlands at the FEI Longines Nations Cup CSIO5* Rotterdam

Jos and Igor (by Emerald) put in two brilliant clear rounds for Team Belgium.

Harrie and Don VHP Z jumped also two beautiful clear rounds for Team Netherlands.



22/06/2018 Grand Prix Victory for Jos and Caracas at CSIO5* Rotterdam.

Grand Prix Victory for Jos and Caracas at CSIO5* Rotterdam.


Super performances today from Jos and Caracas in the CSIO5* Grand Prix of Rotterdam.

With 11 combinations in the Jump-Off, they secured the number one spot by finishing the Jump-off with a clear round in 43.69 sec.

10/06/2018 Emerald and Harrie finishing 2nd place in the 1m60 GP of CSI5* LGCT Cannes


Yesterday evening Emerald and Harrie finished 2nd place in the 1m60 Grand Prix of CSI5* LGCT Cannes.

With 8 combinations in the jump-off, Harrie and Emerald finished the course in 38.46 sec, good for a 2nd place.

09/06/2018 Jos and Igor finish 6th place in 1m50 speed class at LGCT CSI5* Cannes


Jos and Igor (by Emerald) finish in 6th place after a double clear round (38.19 sec) at the 1m50 speed class with jump-off at LGCT CSI5* Cannes. 

23/05/2018 Emerald's daughters Empress EH Z and Emera Z win at CSIYH1* 7y and 6y old finals at Valkenswaard


Super results for Emerald’s two daughters Empress EH Z and EMERA Z at CSIYH1* Valkenswaard.

Harrie Smolders won with Empress EH Z in the 7y old finals and Jos Verlooy won with Emera Z in the 6y old finals.


Jos finished today with Karibou Horta at the 4th place in the CSI1* Grand Prix (1m35/1m40)

20/05/2018 Silver Medal for the Netherlands at the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup CSIO5*La Baule.

Silver Medal for the Netherlands at the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup CSIO5*La Baule.

Harrie and Don VHP Z put in two brilliant clear rounds today for the Netherlands.

Congratulations Team Netherland.


Results of the weekend:


Table A against the clock – 1m40 – CSIO5* La Baule

8th place – Monaco – H. Smolders


Table A against the clock – 1m50 – CSIO5* La Baule

2nd place – Zinius – H. Smolders



Table A with jump-off – 1m60 – Grand Prix – CSIO5* La Baule

8th place – Zinius – H. Smolders



Two Phases Special – 1m45 – CSIO5* La Baule

6th place – Monaco – H. Smolders


Nations Cup – Two Rounds - 1m60 – CSIO5* La Baule

2nd place – Don VHP Z – H. Smolders


13/05/2018 Win for Harrie and Don VHP Z, 4th place for Jos and Caracas in the GP at CSI5* LGCT of Hamburg.

 Win for Harrie and Don VHP Z, 4th place for Jos and Caracas in the GP at CSI5* LGCT of Hamburg.

Harrie and Jos had a terrific weekend at the CSI5* LGCT of Hamburg.

Harrie won with Copernicus Stables Don VHP Z the LGCT Grand Prix of Hamburg.

There were 7 combinations who qualified for the Jump-Off, with only 2 combinations who finished with a double clear,  Harrie and Don VHP Z could secure the victory in the Grand Prix of Hamburg in 37.97 sec.

Jos and Caracas also qualified for the Jump-Off and finished in 4th place in the Grand Prix.


 Results of the weekend:



Table A: Two phases against the clock – 1m45 – CSI5***** LGCT Hamburg

Winner – Japatero VDM – J. Verlooy


Table A: Against the clock – 1m55 – CSI5***** LGCT Hamburg

7th place – Caracas – J. Verlooy



Table A: against the clock with Jump-Off – 1m60 GRAND PRIX – CSI5***** LGCT Hamburg

Winner – Don VHP Z – H. Smolders


Table A: against the clock with Jump-Off – 1m60 GRAND PRIX – CSI5***** LGCT Hamburg

4th place – Caracas  – J. Verlooy



06/05/2018 7th place for Jos and Igor at LGCT CSI5* Madrid


Jos and Igor (by Emerald van't Ruytershof) finished 7th place this afternoon at the last class of the LGCT CSI5***** Madrid.
A table A with Jump-Off over a height of 1m50/1m60. 
With 12 combinations in the jump-off, Jos and Igor finished in 40.22 sec.

14/04/2018 Emerald and Harrie finishing 2nd place in the Final II Longines World Cup Finals Paris

An outstanding performance yesterday from Emerald and Harrie finishing 2nd place in the second part of the Longines World Cup Finals in Paris.  Harrie moving up to the 7th place in the overall ranking after Final II.

25/03/2018 4th place for Harrie and Empress EH Z at CSI4* Dortmund


Harrie and Empress EH Z (by Emerald x Darco) finished 4th place this weekend in the 7year old class at CSI4* Dortmund.

13/03/2018 3rd place for Harrie and Emerald at the Rolex Grand Prix at S'Hertogenbosch

Harrie received this weekend at Indoor Brabant  S’Hertogenbosch the award for rider of the year in the Netherlands.


Results of the weekend at CSI5* S’Hertogenbosch



Table A with Jump-Off – 1m55 – CSI5***** S’Hertogenbosch

3rd place - Emerald – H. Smolders



Table A against the clock – 1m40 – CSI5***** S’Hertogenbosch

10th place – Caracas – H. Smolders



Rolex Grand Prix – with Jump Off – 1m60 – CSI5***** S’Hertogenbosch

3rd place – Emerald – H. Smolders



04/02/2018 Emerald and Harrie win the GP at CSI5*-W Bordeaux

In Bordeaux the CSI5*-W took place this weekend.

Emerald and Harrie just won the Grand Prix Land Rover, a 1m60 LR class with Jump-Off.
Harrie had a fabulous weekend with all his horses.

Results of the weekend:


Table A against the clock – 1m40 – CSI5*-W Bordeaux

2nd place – Monaco – H. Smolders


Table A against the clock – 1m50 – CSI5*-W Preliminary to Longines FEI World Cup - Bordeaux

Winner – Zinius – H. Smolders



Accumulator with Joker – 1m50 LR – CSI5*-W Bordeaux

6th place – Monaco – H. Smolders


Grand Prix Land Rover – Table A with Jump-Off – 1m60 LR – CSI5*-W Bordeaux

Winner – Emerald van’t Ruytershof – H. Smolders

19/01/2018 Empress EH Z and Harrie finish 4th at CSI5* Leipzig


Empress EH Z and Harrie Smolders finished 4th place yesterday at the qualifier for 7 year old horses.

Empress EH Z by Emerald van't Ruytershof out of Delilah (s. Darco) jumped her first big international jumping, CSI5* Leipzig.

27/12/2017 Unique embryo on aution

 A unique chance to buy an embryo by Emerald out of Walnut de Muze (s. Nabab de Reve) on the Horseman online auction.
The auction is open until 3 January.


23/12/2017 Emerald's Highlights 2017


11/11/2017 Harrie Smolders is LGCT Champion 2017

To say Harrie Smolders had a great season would be the understatement of the year… to say his Global Champions Tour Champion’s title is well deserved is very true… Both of his superstar stallions Emerald and Copernicus’ Don Vhp Z were performing phenomenal throughout the season and combined with Harrie’s endless talent and a magnificent team this resulted in many successes… Tonight’s double victory at the LGCT Final in Doha, overall individual winner and overall winning team Hamburg Diamonds is the icing on the cake so far…

Below are Harrie’s most memorable results of this season on 5* level…

With Emerald:

-Winner LGCT Chantilly GP

-Winner GCL team Chantilly

-Winner GCL team Valkenswaard

-3rd GCL team Cannes

-4th LGCT London GP

-4th LGCT Miami GP

-6th LGCT Valkenswaard GP

With Don VHP Z:

-Winner Nations Cup Final Barcelona

-Winner GCL team Rome

-2nd LGCT Rome GP

-2nd LGCT Hamburg GP

-2nd GCL team Hamburg

-2nd European Championship Göteborg

-2nd Nations Cup Hickstead

-2nd GCL team Paris

-3rd LGCT Paris GP

-5th Nations Cup Aachen

-5th Rotterdam GP

-5th LGCT Shanghai GP

Many thanks to Stefano Grasso for capturing all these memorable moments throughout the LGCT season!!

And a very big thank you to the whole Euro Horse team for their dedication, motivation and hard work day in day out…teamwork makes the dream work!!



20/09/2017 Top prices for foals by Emerald & Nixon at the Foal Auction Prinsjesdag in Nederland

 Melissus van Sydney by Emerald van't Ruytershof x Mr. Blue got sold to France for a price of 46.000 Euro.

The Filly foal Rosie van het Netehof by the talented young Nixon van't Meulenhof x Cadeau de Muze got sold for a price of 48.000 Euro.

Congratulations to the breeders, owners and buyers.

16/08/2017 Victory for the Hamburg Diamonds in Valkenswaard.

 Harrie and Jos had a very successful weekend at the GCT/GCL in Valkenswaard. The Hamburg Diamonds this week represented by Harrie and Jos won the GCL to take over the overall standings.
In the GCT Grand Prix Jos and Caracas jumped a double clear finishing just of the podium in 4th place. Harrie and Emerald finished in 6th place having the last jump down in the jump-off. Harrie stays in the lead in the individual rankings with just two legs to go, the first in Rome from 22 until 24 September and then the final in Doha from 9 until 11 November.

Thank you to Stefano Grasso for the lovely photos


LGCT 5* Grand Prix
Carasas - J Verlooy : 4th place
Emerald - H Smolders : 6th place

Hamburg Diamonds Global Champions League

Round 1 : Igor, Capital Colnardo  Round 2 : Caracas, Emerald - J Verlooy & H Smolders : 1st place

Grand Prix Qualifier 1m55
Emerald - H Smolders : 3rd place
2* 1m45
Gaston - J Verlooy : 2nd place

Friday 1m50 Jump-Off
Igor - J Verlooy : 7th place
2* 1m 45
Gaston - J Verlooy 3rd place

Sunday 1m50 Jump-Off
Igor - J Verlooy : 5th place
2* 1m40
Corrada - H Smolders : 1st place

12/06/2017 Harrie is the new leader in the LGCT Ranking

 After the sixth leg of the LGCT in Cannes Harrie is the new leader in the LGCT Standings. With his two top Grand Prix horses Emerald and Don VHP Z  they have produced top results throughout he season.

Team Hamburg Diamonds finished on the podium in 3rd place. They now go into 2nd place in the overall standings.

Results St Tropez
1m45 2 Phase
IGOR - Clear round 9th place
HOS D'O - clear roud 10th place
1m55 Jump-Off
CARACAS - 3rd place

Results LGCT Cannes
1m45 Two Phase
IGOR - Clear Round 6th place 
1m60 On-Time
CARACAS - Clear Round 11th place
EMERALD - Clear Round 12th place
EMERALD 10th Place

All reults and videos: 

08/05/2017 Very good weekend for Harrie in Versailles

Emerald and Zinius were both in good form, on Friday Zinius was 3rd in the 1.50 class, on Saturday 2nd in the speed class.

Emerald jumped brilliant and was 2nd in the Grand Prix Renault (1.55) on Saturday, in the Rolex GP 1.60 he had one fence down.

19/04/2017 Emerald and Harrie give an outstanding performance in Miami


LGCT Mexico

Caracas J Verlooy - 10th Grand Prix
Napa Valley J Verlooy - 6th 1m50

LGCT Miami

Emerald H Smolders - 4th Grand Prix
Zinius H Smolders 1st - 1m50
Zinius H Smolders - 5th 1m50
Napa Vally J Verlooy - 3rd 1m50

27/02/2017 Harrie and Emerald win GP Gent

After his well deserved winter holidays and stud duties, it’s time for Emerald to get back to work and prepare for the upcoming outdoor season…

This weekend he showed the full crowd at Flanders Horse Expo in Gent that he is ready for it and happy to be back!

After jumping clear already every class, on Saturday  evening he demonstrated his endless talent and impressive partnership with Harrie in the GP… after a briliant first round they started the jump off, and turned the excitement a few levels up when Harrie’s stirrup broke after jumping the first fence… No problem for this pair, just hold on tight, stay focused and ride a fabulous jump off to win the class!

10/02/2017 Euro Horse stelt zijn 3 Grand Prix hengsten ter dekking

Voor het komende dekseizoen stelt Euro Horse zijn drie Grand Prix hengsten ter dekking.

Naast Emerald (Diamant de Semilly x Carthago x Lys de Darmen) die finalist was in Rio, tweede werd in de Wereldbeker finale en vorige maand werd uitgeroepen tot BWP ambassadeur, zullen ook Caracas en Don VHP Z worden ingezet voor de dekdienst.

Caracas (Casall x Colman x Barnaul) werd vorig jaar tweede in de Global Champions Tour Grand Prix van Mexico en behaalde in de Wereldbeker van Mechelen eveneens een tweede plaats.
Don VHP Z (Diamant de Semilly x Voltaire x Ramiro Z) won dan weer de Grote Prijs van de Global Champions Tour manche in Rome. Hij werd ook nog eens tweede in de GCT Grand Prix van Hamburg.
Don VHP Z heeft dezelfde moeder als HH Carlos van Mclain Ward.

23/01/2017 Emerald is BWP ambassador

Emerald received the title of ambassador thanks to his participation at the Olympic Games in Rio with Harrie Smolders.

06/11/2016 Harrie and Jos 3rd in Global Champions League Final Doha

Jos and Harrie were in Doha this week for the final leg of the Global Champions Tour…

On Thursday the Final of the 1st Global Champions League season took place, both Jos and Harrie did a great job with their stallions Emerald an Caracas and took the 3rd place. Harrie had one fence down in both rounds, while Jos was clear the 1st round and had one fault in the 2nd.

In the overall standing Copernicus’ Antwerp Diamonds team ends in 2nd place, only 2.5 points away from the winning team Valkenswaard United.

This first season of the Global Champions League was a great success for our team, with 2 wins, 3 times 2nd place and 4 times 3rd.

It was an amazing experience for all team members, Jos Verlooy, Harrie Smolders, Audrey Coulter, Marc Houtzager, Katharina Offel and Michael Whitaker, and we look forward to the next season!

06/10/2016 Emerald sons approved for Zangersheide

We are very proud with 2 more Emerald sons earning their approval in the Zangersheide stallion selection...

5 yo Etino R Z (Emerald x Guidam) and 4yo Escape Z (Emerald x Heartbreaker) both deserved their spot in the newly approved list with 25 stallions.

Congratulations to breeders and owners!

22/08/2016 Everyone returned home safe and sound after Olympic adventure

The first 2 rounds they jumped on Sunday and Tuesday were just phenomenal, Emerald was so focused and super careful, together they were flying over the fences as if it was a walk in the park!

Unfortunately on Wednesday, in the team final, they had an off-day… After Jur Vrieling decided not to start in the final, there were only 3 combinations in the Dutch team so the pressure was rising… When Emerald got a fence down on the triple bar he got to stressed and didn’t find the right focus again, which resulted in 2 more faults in the last double.

But no harm done, after their first 2 clear rounds they were still qualified for the individual final on Friday…

In the first round of the final they got a very unlucky fence down on the first jump but this time Emerald didn’t lose focus and jumped the rest of the course brilliant! As there were many clear combinations going through to the 2nd round, Harrie realised that their chanches on a medal were next to impossible so he decided to save Emerald and didn’t come to the start anymore…

We are so proud of Harrie and Emerald, they showed again their endless talent and amazing partnership!

Special thanks to Harrie’s groom Alex for his great work, giving Emerald the best care day in day out and making him feel at home everywhere they travel! And ofcourse to the whole Eurohorse team, working together with their endless passion for the horses and sport to achieve such beautiful goals.  

Many thanks to World Of Showjumping for the beautiful pictures!

16/08/2016 Emerald’s offspring doing great in Belgian Championships YH Gesves and CSI Opglabbeek

While Emerald is showing his endless talent in Rio, his offspring is following his lead in Belgium… In the Final of the Belgian Championships in Gesves we found six 4 year olds by Emerald (and sons) on the starting list:

-Malle Babbe Van’t Kieveld


-Mochito Van De Mishagen

-Ernie Of Greenhill

-Mega Special DC (s. I’m Special De Muze)

-Monalisa Van’t Paradijs (s. Bamako De Muze)

And in the CSI3* of Opglabbeek Emerald’s son Igor and Eurohorse rider Phil Lever took the 4th place in the 1.35!

16/08/2016 Fabulous start for Harrie and Emerald in RIO!!

On Sunday the first individual qualifier took place at the Olympic Games in Rio, and Emerald and harrie showed everyone from the 1st second why they are there!

Both of them so focused, so confident and motivated, it was just breathtaking to watch… Not one single slip or mistake, they jumped a brilliant first round… just the start they needed in this Olympic adventure!

On Tuesday and Wednesday the team competition starts at 10h00 local time (15h00 european time), on Friday the individual final takes place!

Watch the video of their first round on Emerald’s Facebook page! 

Many thanks to World of Showjumping for these beautiful pictures!

04/08/2016 Eurohorse is very happy that Catherine De Buyl Horse Insurance is taking on the insurance of our Olympic horse Emerald!

On Saturday Emerald will fly to Rio De Janeiro to start his Olympic adventure!


17/07/2016 Emerald and Harrie go to RIO!!

We are very excited and proud to announce that Emerald and Harrie Smolders are going to Rio with the Dutch team!

Rob Ehrens has chosen a very strong team to defend the Netherlands in Rio: our beautiful Emerald and Harrie go together with double World and European Champion Jeroen Dubbeldam and SFN Zenith NOP, Maikel Van Der Vleuten with VDL Groep Verdi TN NOP, and Jur Vrieling with VDL Zirocco Blue NOP. Gerco Schroder and Glock’s London NOP are the reserve combination.

Fingers crossed for this amazing team in Rio next month!

27/06/2016 After winning the Nations Cup on Friday, Emerald takes the 3rd place in GP on Sunday!

We are running out of superlatives to describe this stallion’s endless talents… It is obvious that winning gives Emerald an extra boost to show off even more, and that’s what he did on Sunday in Rotterdam!

No need to say more, just watch the videos and enjoy this amazing duo!

Congratulations to Harrie and also to groom Alex for making Emerald shine like the superstar he is!

26/06/2016 Harrie and Emerald win the Nations Cup with the Dutch team in Rotterdam!

Once again the Dutch team coach Rob Ehrens selected the right team for the job at the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup in Rotterdam!

With Jur Vrieling and Zirocco Blue, Willem Greve and Carambole, Mikael Van Der Vleut and Verdi, and Harrie Smolders and Emerald, they sure had a super strong team with the best combinations to go for the win.

Our Emerald jumped spectacular as always and stayed clear all the way, with only 1 time fault in the first round.

The other team members also jumped clear in the first round, and after Jur, Harrie and Willem jumped clear again in the 2nd round, Mikael didn't even need to start anymore, as they were already sure of their 1st place.

Congratulations to the whole Dutch team for this well deserved victory, after this weekend it won't get easier for Rob Ehrens to select his team for Rio, that's for sure!

29/05/2016 Farfelu De La Pomme 4th in 1.50 ranking class and Caracas 9th in GP @ LGCT Chantilly

It was a busy week for the Euro Horse team… While Harrie went to the CSIO in Rome, Jos was competing at the stunning venue in Chantilly!

On Saturday Jos and Caracas did great in the GP again, with only one time fault in the 2nd round they took the 9th place.

And on Sunday Jos ended 4th in the 1.50 ranking class with his 11yo Vigo d’Arsouilles daughter, Farfelu De La Pomme, after 2 super rounds.

Harrie and Emerald competed in the Nations Cup in Rome with the Dutch team on Friday and jumped 2 amazing rounds, with only the very last fence down in the 2nd round!

No time to unpack for our boys… this week Jos is going to the CSIO in St Gallen for the Nations Cup, while Harrie and his horses are heading to the Côte d’Azur for the Athina Onassis Horse Show in Saint Tropez. 

29/03/2016 2nd Place for Emerald and Harrie in World Cup Final Gothenburg!!

We are running out of superlatives to describe Emerald’s talents… Every time again he blows us all away with his extreme carefulness, his winner’s mentality and endless dedication to his rider!

In his first Championship Emerald confirmed his top form, after 3 days of performing he only kept getting better and the final round was his best of the week!

No more words needed, the videos say it all!

Steve Guerdat prolonged his title with Corbinian, Daniel Deusser and Cornet d’Amour finished 3rd.

Jos Verlooy and Sunshine had some back luck on the last day, they got 3 fences down and ended their World Cup adventure with an 18th place.

14/03/2016 Jos Verlooy and Sunshine 4th in GP @ CSI5* ’s Hertogenbosch

Jos and Sunshine went to Den Bosch to prepare for the World Cup Finals next week, and they can be satisfied after their final rehearsal…

In the GP on Sunday Sunshine demonstrated his power and great form, and with 2 brilliant clear rounds they took the 4th place, after Marcus Ehning and Cornado, Hans Dieter Dreher with Cool and Easy, and Willem Greven with Carambole.

Harrie and Emerald had one fence down in the GP.

Earlier on Sunday Harrie took the 6th place in the 1.45 class with his 10yo gelding Bokai (s. Up To Date).

28/02/2016 Jos Verlooy and Caracas 3rd in GP @ Sunshine Tour

After Harrie’s second place in Wellington yesterday, Jos concluded his 3 weeks in Spain with a 3rd place in the 3* Grand Prix today.

With his stallion Caracas (s. Casall) he jumped double clear, finishing in 40.48 seconds in the jump off.

1st Place was for Gregory Wathelet and Coree in 39.36 sec, 2nd place for Robert Whitaker and Catwalk IV in 40.09 sec.

On Thursday Jos took the win in the 7yo Finals with Japatero (s. Eldorado Van De Zeshoek), and his new stallion Illias Van’t Vlasmeer (s. Emerald) also did great during his stay in Spain, with no less than 7 double clears.

08/02/2016 Emerald and Harrie 4th in 5*GP Bordeaux

Emerald was in great form at the CSI5* in Bordeaux this weekend…

In the Grand Prix on Sunday he gave the crowd a nice demonstration of his incredible talents, and took the 4th place.

For Jos and his stallion Caracas (s. Casall) it was their 1st 5* Grand Prix and they also did a very good job, ending 8th after they had 1 fence down in the first round.

The next few weeks Harrie will be competing in the USA, while Jos is going to the Sunshine Tour in Spain.

30/12/2015 Jos and Sunshine 4th in World Cup Qualifier Mechelen

Jos and Sunshine were brilliant today in the World Cup Qualifier of Jumping Mechelen, it wasn’t easy for them as they had to enter the ring as first combination but they did a great job all through the first round, and in the jump off Jos wasn’t taking too many risks, this brought him a well deserved 4th place, after Christian Ahlmann, Niels Bruynseels and Jerome Guery.

Harrie and Emerald had one pitty fault in the first round unfortunately, they also did great.

In the World Cup standinds of the Western European League Jos now took the 3th place, Harrie is 7th.

Yesterday Harrie and Copernicus’ Don VHP Z (s. Diamant De Semilly) were 4th in the Grand Prix, and Jos was 5th in the Six Bars with his stallion Caracas (s. Casall).

27/12/2015 Harrie Smolders and Emerald 2nd in Stallion Competition @ Jumping Mechelen

After a super first round and an incredibly fast jump off (32.80 sec) Harrie and Emerald took the 2nd place in the Leon Melchior Stallion Competition, just behind winner Christian Ahlmann with Caribis Z (32.45 sec), who paid tribute to his father in law with this victory.

30/11/2015 Jos and Douwe win 2 times at CSI2* Neeroeteren

The 7yo Douwe (s. Dulf Van Den Bisschop) likes to win, that’s for sure! In Neeroeteren he was showing his careful jump and fast turns again, resulting in 2 wins in a row in the 7yo class! In the Finals he also jumped a clear first round but in the jump off Jos got a bit too excited with 2 faults in the double as a result J

Jos also took his new stallion Ilias Van’t Vlasmeer out for the first time. This handsome son of Emerald proved his talents, staying clear for 2 days in the 7yo class, and one fault in the Finals.

Ilias’ father Emerald was in Madrid this weekend with Harrie for another Word Cup Qualifier, they did great but had one pitty fault in the first round unfortunately.

25/10/2015 And another victorious day for the Euro Horse team in Washington…

The Euro Horse team is on a roll at the CSI-W4* in Washington, the horses are showing their best and riders demonstrating their talent…

In the prestigious President’s Cup with FEI World Cup qualifying points, Harrie and Emerald showed once again what a phenomenal team they are. Only six combinations managed to stay clear in the first round, only two of them also got through the jump off without faults… Harrie and Emerald had to go last and they were just brilliant, so fast and careful and took the 1st place in 39.32sec, before the American Callan Solem with VDL Wizard in 39.42sec… 3rd and 4th place were for Nicola Philippaerts with H&M Forever D’arco and our Jos Verlooy with Sunshine, who both had one down in the jump off.

For Jos it was also another amazing night, he received no less then 4 awards, as best rider, best U25 rider, best owner (for Euro Horse) and best horse (Sunshine)!!

Congratulations to Jos and Harrie, top grooms Jenny and Alex, and top horses Emerald and Sunshine!

23/10/2015 Euro Horses on top at Washington CSI-W4*

What a great start for the Euro Horse team in Washington!

Jos Verlooy took the 4th place with Sunshine in the LR 1.50 class, the 3th place was for Domino and his new rider Audrey Coulter, and 2nd place for Enjoy Louis, who was sold to Catherine Tyree last spring by Euro Horse.

Emerald and Harrie Smolders ended at the 9th place.

Jos also took a great start with his new horse Caddie on Wednesday, they took the 4th place in the opening class.

08/09/2015 The Euro Horse team had a great weekend at the beautiful Stephex Masters CSI5* in Brussels

Euro Horse riders Jos and Harrie were in Brussels last weekend for the 2nd edition of the stunning Stephex Masters and they both had some nice results…

On Thursday they started with clear rounds in the CSIYH Future Stars with the beautiful little mare EH Quick Nina (s. Quidam’s Rubin) and Jos’ handsome young Victer Finn DH Z (s. Va Vite).

Later that evening Jos and Vigo d’Arsouilles’ daughter Farfelu De La Pomme got a 4th place in the GP Qualifier 1.50.

On Friday Victer Finn also got a 4th place after another impressive clear round in the Future Stars.

Emerald was amazing as always and ended 5th in the 1.60 class on Saturday, Jos and Sunshine also did great but got 1 fault in the first round.

On Sunday Harrie and Copernicus’ stallion Don VHP Z showed once again to be a super combination and ended 7th in the Grand Prix 1.60 after 2 great clear rounds.

Congratulations to Jos and Harrie and our top horses and team for these nice results!

31/07/2015 2nd place for Mike Van Olst and Emerald's son Igor @ CSI3* Lier

Euro Horse rider Mike Van Olst and the 7yo Emerald's son Igor became 2nd in the 1.40 class at CSI3* Lier today after a great round, they were only 0.81 second slower than winning combination Fidel Segovia and Atlanta Z and 6 seconds faster than 3rd place Bernardo Alves with Sisi De Carantil.

Top job Mike and Igor! 

03/05/2015 Emerald 2nd GP Lummen (BEL)

This weekend the Eurohorse riders Jos Verlooy, Mike van Olst and Harrie Smolders were in Lummen (BEL). Emerald proved his fantastic shape once again! A few weeks ago they ended at a 2nd place in the GP of Lanaken, this time they also took the 2nd place in the GP of CSI5* Lummen. Emerald was jumping two fantastic rounds and was only 0,11 second slower than the winner. Also Harrie and Aiyetoro were very successful in Lummen. They took a 2nd and 3th place in the 1.50 classes on Thursday and Friday. Thanks to these good results Harrie ended up as best rider of the show! Also the young horses Igor and Victer Finn DH Z jumped well in the 7 year old horses classes. They both got a clear round. Unfortunately not so lucky in the finals. Jos and Farfelu de la Pomme got a 4th place on saturday in the 1.50 classes. On Sunday Mike van Olst got a 10th place with Top Top in the 1.35 classes and a 13th place with Maraca de la Silla in the 1.40 classes. Team Eurohorse is very satisfied with the horses and riders!

video Emerald GP Lummen
video Emerald GP lummen jump-off

12/04/2015 Lovely Emerald 2nd in GP Lanaken (BEL)

It was a great weekend for the Eurohorse Team in Lanaken (Belgium). On friday there was a very good start for Jos Verlooy and Farfelu de la Pomme. After a short break they were directly in form. In the 1.40 classes they ended at a 2de place. Also Jos and Hello Sunshine were clear in the 1.45 classes and takes the 10th place. On Saterday Jos and Farfelu de la Pomme takes the 2nd place again in the 1.50 classes. Harrie and Emerald ended at a 4th place. Also Harrie and Aiyetoro takes a 4th place in the 1.45 classes. On Sunday Jos starts his horse Hello Sunshine in the Grand Prix. With only one down in the first round. Harrie and Emerald stays clear. 12 combinations placed for the jump off. Emerald jumps fantastic. Only 0,2 second slower than the number one. Harrie and Emerald takes the 2nd place.

07/04/2015 off spring Emerald approved stallion!

Last week the studbook Zangersheide approved 16 new stallions. One of them was the stallion El Barone 111 Z (Emerald x Libero H x Zeus). Congratulations to the owners and breeders Harrie Theeuwes and Christophe de Borrekens.

15/03/2015 off springs Emerald successful!

Mike van Olst and Igor (Emerald van 't Ruytershof) were very successful in Vilamoura (POR). They start in the final of the 7 years old horses. After two rounds and a jump off they take the second place. Also I'm special de Muze (Emerald van 't Ruytershof) was successful this week. With his rider Zoi Snels from the Netherlands they start in 's-Hertogenbosch (NED). As the fastest combination in the jump off they win the show! Both horses and riders congratulations with your good results!

03/03/2015 Emerald at CSI Gothenburg

Some beautiful pics from Emerald in Gothenburg (SWE). Thanks to Jenny from www.worldofshowjumping.com!!

video Emerald / Gothenburg 2015

20/02/2015 fantastic offsprings Emerald

Some beautiful pics and video from Emerald offsprings.
video 2 years old mare (Emerald x Ugano Sitte)

15/02/2015 fantastic week at the WEF Florida!

Harrie had a fantastic last week in Florida! He takes a second place in the Grand Prix with Don VHP Z. Don VHP Z jumps a great jump-off. On the last day he start Exquis Walnut de Muze in the 1.45 classes with a second place. Earlier this week they won this classes. Also Emerald was really great! With a second place last week in the 1.50 classes qaulifier directly on time. Three weeks at Wellington without any single fault for Harrie and Emerald! All the horses are ready to get home.

Video Harrie and Emerald (1.50 classes 2nd place)

Video jump-off GP Harrie and Don VHP Z

13/02/2015 2nd place for Emerald

Harrie is still in Florida at the Winter Equestrain Festival. On thursday he start Emerald in the qualifier 1.50 classes for the Grand Prix. The classes was directly on time. Emerald show his best and jumped clear in a very fast time. One of the last riders did it only better. On Wednesday he start Exquis Walnut de Muze in the 1.45 classes and Springtime in the 1.40 classes. Both horses takes the first place! Thanks to Jenny for the great pics from Florida!

video Emerald at the WEF Florida

video Emerald at the WEF Florida

08/02/2015 Emerald 5th in qualifier WEF

Harrie and Emerald are now for two weeks in Florida. Emerald didn't make any fault and jumps fantastic. On friday Harrie starts Emerald in the 1.50 classes directly on time. This classes was the qualification for the Grand Prix. In a lovely round they ended at a 5th place.

video Harrie and Emerald

25/01/2015 offspring Emerald wins final young horses

There was a 6 and 7 years old horses competition at ICNN Drachten (NED). One of the compititors was Zoë Snels with the 7 years old I'm Special de Muze (Emerald van 't Ruytershof x Nabab de Reve). After three rounds they were the best and win the competition. I'm special de Muze is a offspring from Emerald and his mother is Walnut de Muze. She is the international Grand Prix horse from Harrie Smolders.

20/01/2015 Emerald is back on show!

Last week Harrie and Emerald were back on show in Lier. Emerald was very enthusiastic! They were double clear. This week Emerald flies to the Winter Equestrian Games in Wellington. Harrie and Emerald will stay there for 3 weeks.

Video Emerald on show in Lier

13/10/2014 GP sponsored by Emerald

This weekend there was a BWP auction and Silver Cup at Azelhof in Lier. The Grand Prix was sponsored by Emerald. 12 combinations placed for the jump-off. Hanna Mertens and Urgent were the best. Second place was for Vicky van de Poel and Chablie and 3th place for Brent Gaublomme and Gladstone vt bildeken. Congratulations to them all!

21/09/2014 off spring Emerald auction topper

Expression from second life Z (Emerald van 't Ruyterhof x Carentano Z) is sold at the Zangersheide Quality Auction. Expression of second life Z is really a beautiful foal. She is sold for € 24.000,--

31/08/2014 Off spring Emerald wins 6 years old championship USA

Congratulations to Cody Auer and Imerald van 't Goorhof who won the 6 Year Old Young Jumper Final at the Hampton Classic. What a great finish to the show. Imerald van 't Goorhof was born in Belgium and sold through mediation of Eurohorse to the USA.

07/07/2014 Emerald and Don VHP Z at GCT Paris

In the beautiful arena down under the Eiffel Harrie was this weekend in Paris with his horses Emerald and Don VHP Z. For Harrie and Don VHP Z was it there first Global Champions Tour. They are a combination for just a few months. Don VHP Z did it very well in the 1.50 classes on Friday. They were clear with 15 other combinations and placed for the jump-off. Also the jump-off was clear and they ended at a 3th place. On Saturday Harrie and Don VHP Z start in the Global Champions tour. They get only one fault. On Sunday Harrie starts Emerald in the Grand Prix from Paris. It was a very difficult course. Only 7 combinations were clear. Also Harrie and Emerald. Emerald was jumping fantastic! They ended at a 6th place.

Don VHP Z jump-off
Emerald GP

09/06/2014 Emerald 4th in GP Sint Katelijne Waver

Today at the Grand Prix in Sint Katelijne Waver (Belgium) Harrie starts with Emerald. Emerald is coming back after a little break. It was his first Grand Prix this season and directly a good one! 43 starts and 9 combinations placed for the jump-off. Also Harrie and Emerald. Emerald jumps fantastic! Double clear makes that they ended at a 4th place. Also Jos Verlooy and Cloud Nine starts in the Grand Prix. One fault keep them out the jump-off. Ealier this week Jos and Cloud Nine get a 6th place after the jump-off. Also Comme II faut and Jos were double clear in the 1.35 classes (11th place).

24/05/2014 Emerald at CSI3 Kapellen

After a period of rest Emerald starts last week at CSI3 Kapellen. Harrie and Emerald start quiet in the 1.35 classes. With two clear rounds they will come back in form!

02/01/2014 Happy New Year


Thank you to everyone who supported team Euro-Horse and made 2013 so successful.

We wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year

23/12/2013 Emerald 4th in GP Olympia

LONDON OLYMPIA  CSI 5* 18/22 December 2013


4th place 1m60 Grand Prix 1m60 - EMERALD

3rd place 1m50 against the clock - REGINA Z

4th place 1m50 against the clock - EMERALD

10th place 1m50 against the clock - EXQUIS POWERFEE

15/10/2013 Emerald 3rd in the Grand Prix of CSI***** Oslo


CSIW***** Oslo 11-13 October 

Grand Prix 1m60 : 3rd place H. Smolders and Emerald

1m50 Against the clock : 10th place H.Smolders and Regina Z

CSI*** HOYS Birmingham 10-13 October

1m40 Against the clock : 4th place J Verlooy and The Pugilist
1m45 Two phase : 5th place J Verlooy and Farfelu de la Pomme
Grand Prix 1m60 : 13th place J Verlooy and Cloud Nine

27/08/2013 Results GCT CSI5* Valkenswaard


Results CSI5* Valkenswaard

GCT 1m60 - 4th place H.Smolders : Emerald

1m50 - 1st place H. Smolders : Regina Z

1m50 Jump off - 4th place H Smolders : Regina Z

01/07/2013 Harrie and Emerald in the Dutch winning Nations Cup Team at CHIO Aachen

 CHIO AACHEN - Harrie Smolders

Prize of Europe 1m55 - 2nd place. H. Smolders : Exquis Walnt De Muze
Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup 1m60 - 1st place. H. Smolders : Team Netherland Emerald 
Aachen Rolex Grand Prix 1m60 - 10th place. H. Smolders : Exquis Walnut de Muze


West Canadian Cup 1m50 - 4th place. J. Verlooy : Farfelu de Pomme
RBC Cup 1m60 - 6th place. J. Verlooy : Domino
Direct Energy Derby 1m45 - J. Verlooy : The Pugilist

24/06/2013 CHIO AACHEN

 Harrie Smolders will compete at CHIO Aachen this week with Exquis Walnut de Muze, Emerald, Jackson Hole and Okidoki Van t' Gelutt.
Jos Verlooy is at CSI4* Spruce Meadows with Domino, The Pugilist and Farfelu de la Pomme.

10/06/2013 Watch the video of EMERALD in GP London on his Facebook

29/04/2013 Emerald 2nd in GP CSI4* Antwerpen

 Results CSI**** Antwerpen

Grand Prix 1m60 -
2nd place. H. Smolders: 9 yr old stallion Emerald  (s. Diamant De Semilly x Carthago)

Grand Prix 1m60 -
12th place. J. Verlooy: 10 yr old gelding Domino (s. Thunder van de Zuuthoeve x Azur de Paulstra)

1m40 2 fase -
Clear round 14th place J. Verlooy:  8yr old mare  Farfelu de la Pomme (s. Vigo d'Arsouilles x Darco)

1m40 on time -
Clear round 6th place. J. Verlooy:  9yr old black gelding The Pugilist (s. VDL Douglas)

09/04/2013 Emerald wins Z-Tour GP

Results CSI3* Z-Tour
Grand Prix
- 1st place,  H. Smolders : Emerald (s.Diamant De Semilly x Carthago)

Grand Prix - 4th place,  J. Verlooy : Domino (s.Thunder v/d Zuuthoeve x Azur de Paulstra)

1.35 - 4th place,  J. Verlooy:  Shakira (s.Stakkato x Landfriese 1)

6yr old - 2nd place,  H. Smolders : Delilah Z

6yr old - 2nd place,  H. Smolders: Delilah Z (s. Darco x Le tot de Semilly)

27/03/2013 Thanks to Jana for the photo of her new born filly by EMERALD

Enclosed is a photo of our filly born saturday night to our hanoverian state premium mare Eva Peron and Emerald. She is very beautiful, strong and tall.
We are pleased!
I have been following Emerald's career over the past year - it is wonderful that he's doing so well.

With kind regards

Jana, theashstud.com



Emerald van 't Ruytershof

Emerald 't Ruytershof gives his quality to his offspring. At the loose jumping competition for young horses of the BWP-region Hoogstraten, Labelle van de Middelstede won the loose jumping in the two year old female section. Labelle van de Middelstede is a daughter of Emerald out of Cantos x Azur Paulstra, she is bred and owned by the familly Adriaensen in Rijkevorsel.

05/03/2013 Emerald wins GP Vilamoura, Domino 3rd.

Out of the 69 starters only 7 horses jumped clear over Bob Ellis GP course in Vilamoura. Harrie Smolders with BWP Elite stallion Emerald won the class and Jos Verlooy with Domino (s Thunder van de Zuuthoeve) finished 3rd.

Watch the videos of Emerald



10/12/2012 Emerald in Top Form at CSI-W Geneva

Harrie had a successful weekend at the beautiful World Cup show in Geneva. With Exquis Walnut de Muze he was 3rd in the Credit Suisse 1m55 Grand Prix.  8yr old approved BWP stallion, Emerald (Diamant de Semilly x Carthago) jumped outstanding,  On saturday in the 1m50 which was a course with only doubles and triples, he was one of 8 horses to jump a double clear, here he finished in 6th place. Again on Saturday he was double clear in the 1m50 jump-off class finishing in 3rd place.

Watch the videos below.

Harrie and Jos will be at La Coruna this weekend, In the CSI5* division Harrie will ride Exquis Powerfee, Exquis Walnut de Muze and Regina Z. Jos will be in the CSI 2*  with The Pugilist and Domino.

19/11/2012 Results at CSI Wieze

In the October Hall at CSI Wieze (Bel) Harrie rode Deuly Z (s. Dutch Capital) , Emerald (s. Diamant de Semilly) and The Pugilist (s. Douglas) 

It was Harries first show with the 8yr old Irish breed The Pugilist, He jumped nice and easy clear rounds in the 1m35 classes. In the big class on the opening night Deuly Z was clear in the first round and had 4 faults in the jump-off. Emerald  jumped the GP qualifier on Friday night, he performed another impressive clear round and finished in 6th place. In the GP on Sunday afternoon he had one down finishing on 4 faults, this was the first jump Emerald has had down after four International shows and no less than 200 jumping efforts!

Watch the video of Emerald on the link to his facebook fanpage.

Next show for Harrie is the final of the Global Champions Tour in Abu Dhabi from 22 until 24 Nov. He will ride Exquis Powerfee and Exquis Walnut de Muze.

Follow it on live stream at : www.globalchampionstour.com.

05/11/2012 Next show CSI5* Vienna

This weekend (10 - 12 Nov) at CSI5* Vienna Harrie will ride Emerald, Exquis Walnut de Muze and Exquis Powrfee.

23/10/2012 Jos & Domino in top form at CSI3* Caen

On Friday night in the 1m45 Rolex Ranking class, Harrie with Regina Z (s. Rex Z) and Jos with Domino (s. Thunder VD Zuuthoeve) were among the 22 combinations who went through to the jump-off , Jos was first to go and set a very fast time of 66.21, Regina Z tipped one jump for four faults. Jos was beaten by 48/100 sec to finish in 2nd place. Jos and Wamira (s. Oklund) finished in 3rd place in the opening 1m40 speed class. Domino was again 2nd in the 1m50 Ranking class on Saturday night, this time he was beaten by only 9/100th sec!  Eight year old Emerald (s. Diamant de Semilly) jumped again 3 days exceptional clear rounds, Harrie rode him in the ranking class on Saturday night.

Because Jos was too young to be allowed to jump the Grand Prix  he was awarded a trophy for the best rider over the first two days.

Find the full results at   : http://www.jump-results.com/OPEN/caen12.htm

11/10/2012 Horse of the Year Show - results and videos

Last weekend Harrie Smolders was in Birminham at the Horse of the Year Show with Regina Z and two 8yr olds Deuly Z (s. Dutch Capitol x Baloubet Du Rouet) and BWP approved stallion Emerald  (s.Diamant de Semilly x Carthago).

Emerald was happy to be back in the ring and jumped all three days nice clear rounds. Deuly Z jumped double clear in the 1m55 on Saturaday evening and finished in 3rd place. Regina was 4th on the opening night in the 1m50 speed and in the Grand Prix she had 4 faults at the very last jump and ended in 8th place.

Below are videos of Emerald and Deuly Z

This weekend (12-14 Oct) Harrie and Jos will compete at CSI Assen (Ned)  with Exquis Powerfee, First Division, Emerald, Domino, Wamira and Farfelu de la Pomme

04/04/2012 Emerald supports "Foundation for Horses in Need"

"All horses deserve a life like me", that is  Breeding stallion Emeralds motto to support a new charity founded by Vlaamse Paarden Loket and Flemish Prime Minister Kris Peeters. "Foundation for horses in need" is a charity to raise money for neglected and seized horses. Take a look at the link to the website

02/04/2012 Domino 2nd, Emerald 4th in Grand Prix Bonheiden.

For the Verlooy stable it was a top weekend at CSI2* Bonheiden.  Jos and Domino (f. Thunder vd Zuuthoeve)  finished 2nd in the Grand Prix. Harrie and Exquis Powerfee won the 1m40 and were 2nd in the 1m45 ranking class. Eight year old BWP stallion  Emerald competed in his first international Grand Prix. He jumped a double clear and finished in 4th place.

Watch the videos on our links to facebook.

19/03/2012 Another offspring from Emerald is approved for the BWP Studbook

The three year old bay stallion, Justin Van De Zandhoeve, has been approved by the BWP Studbook. Justin is by eight year old BWP approved stallion Emerald Van T'Ruytershof (Diamant de Semilly x Carthago) out of a Nonstop mother) .

27/02/2012 Emerald and Domino in top 10 in 1m50

Winter Equestrian Festival, Florida.

 There were sixty starters in the 1m50 Sunset Championship Jumper Classic, eleven horses went through to the jump-off . Two of those were Jos Verlooy with nine year old Domino, (Thunder van de Zuuthoeve x Azur de Paulstra) and Harrie Smolders with eight year old stallion Emerald (Diamant de Semilly x Carthago). Domino was double clear and finished in 6th place and Emerald was 9th with four faults. Nick Skelton and Big Star won the class.

You can watch the videos on this You Tube link.


25/02/2012 Emerald and Deuly Z make an impression at WEF, Florida

The two eight year olds, Emerald (Diamant de Semilly x Carthago) and Deuly Z  (Dutch Capital x Baloubet de Rouet) were both in top form yesterday at the Winter Equestrian Festival. Emerald jumped a easy clear round in the 1m45 speed class and Deuly was clear in the 8 year old final. Watch the video links.


22/02/2012 Emerald starts nicely in Florida

 The first day of three weeks jumping in the sunshine at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida. All our horses jumped nice, Jos was clear with Farfelu de la Pomme (Vigo d'Arsouilles x Darco) in the 7yr class, Domino had the last jump down in the jump-off in the 1m40 and Wamira also had one fault in the 1m35.  Harrie rode Exquis Walnut de Muze and Emerald both horses nice clear rounds.

Watch the video of Emerald on this link.

08/02/2012 Winter Equestrian Nights

This weekend (10 & 11 Feb) Euro Horse riders will be competing at the Winter Equestrian Nights held in the new venue of Hulsterlo. Harrie Smolders will ride the BWP approved stallion Emerald (Diamant de Semilly x Carthago) in the 135cm on friday and the small 140cm Grand Prix on Saturday. A new and promising ride for Harrie is the 8yr old mare Deuly Z  (f. Dutch Capitol x Baloubet de Rouet) . Both these horses will fly to Miami on Monday where they will compete at the Winter Equestrian festival at Palm Beach in Florida. 15yr old SBS approved stallion Exquis Powerfee (f. fedor) will make his come back after an injury.  Jos Verlooy will compete 7yr old Farfelu de la Pomme (f.Vigo d'Arsouilles x Darco), 9 yr old Wamira (f. Oklund x Animo) and 9 yr old Domino (f. Thunder Van de Zuuthoeve x Azur Depaulstra).

Follow live at www.horse-live.com

23/01/2012 Emerald in Hulsterlo

BWP approved stallion Emerald (Diamant de Semilly x Carthago) jumped two nice clear rounds in the 1m40 at the Gold Cup in Hulsterlo finishing in 4th place. Harrie also rode eight year old Deuly Z, he is by  Dutch Capitol x Baloubet du Rouet and jumped double clear in the 1m20 as well as the 1m30.

Jos and seven year old Farfelu de la Pomme (f. Vigo D'Arsouilles x Darco) jumped double clear in the 1m30 finishing in 4th place. 

The second phase of the BWP stallion test was held at Zilveren Spoor in Moorsele,  Emerald's offspring, three year old bay stallion Justin Van de Zandhoeve, has been selected for the third phase. Justin is by Emerald x Nonstop and was brought forward by Jan Wuytack. The third phase will be held at Manege De Warre, Neerouteren in March.

Harrie will compete at CSI W Zurich next weekend (27-29 Jan) He will ride Regina Z, Cluysenaer and Brillante.


31/12/2011 Emerald Steals the show in Mechelen

Harrie Smolders

BWP approved stallion, Emerald, (f.Diamant de Semilly x Carthago) showed again his outstanding quality by winning the 7 year old Sires at the Christmas Horse show in Mechelen. Emerald was one of nine horses to go through to the jump-off. Six jumped a double clear and Emerald won the class by three seconds.

Emeralds offspring competed in the final of the 2 year old loose jumping, More than 85 horse entered the qualification for Mechelen, Jashira de Magico (f. Emerald x Capital) owned by Filip van Hul finished in fifth place and Jaguara de Magico (f. Emerald x Flamenco de Semilly) owned by Daniel Smet, was ninth.

Regina Z won the KBC 1m50 jump-off class on wednesday evening,  She was the fastest of seventeen horses that went through to the jump-off.  In the FEI Rolex World Cup Qualifier, Regina was one of eight horses to jump clear, she had eight faults in the jump-off and finished in seventh place. Harrie has 34 FEI World Cup points and is lying in tenth place in the Westeren European league, There are four qualifications still to go before the final in s'Hertogenbosch in April. Regina Z has won nine international classes in 2011, Among her victories were being part of the winning Nations Cup Team at CSI 5* Rome, The Grand Prix at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto and she was the leading horse in the Zangersheide studbook.

Jos Verlooy

Domino (f.Thunder vd Zuuthoeve x Azur de Paulstra) was second in the 1m40 International class for Belgian Bred horses. In the U25 Grand Prix Domino finshed in 7th place. Wamira (f. Oklund x Animo) was 4th in the 1m30 two phase.

13/12/2011 Emerald offspring wins loose jumping

A daughter of BWP approved stallion Emerald Van T'Ruytershof (f. Diamant de Semilly x Carthago) won the 2 year old loose jumping qualfier for jumping Mechelen. From more than 85 young mares, Jaguara di Magico (f. Emerald x Flamenco de Semilly) was choosen as the most outstanding 2 year old loose jumper. Another Emerald offspring, Jashira di Magico, (f. Emerald x Capital) finished in 5th place and also qualified for the final in the Nekker Hall in Mechelen.

The final for the 2 year old loose jumping will take place on the 27 December at 09.00 in ring B.

Emerald will compete in the class for 7 year old approved stallions in ring A on Tuesday evening 27 December.

26/09/2011 Emerald & Farfelu finalists at WC Zangersheide

BWP approved stallion Emerald was one of the thirty five horses from more than two hundred to qualify for the final of the seven year olds at the World Championship for young horses in Zangersheide. In the first qualification on Thursday Emerald had four faults in the second phase, in the second qualfication on Friday which was straight againt the clock,  he jumped a fast clear finishing in 7th place. In the final on Sunday Emerald had four faults in the first round, there were only seven clears, Emerald finished in 14th place.

Harrie also qualified Farlelu De La Pomme (f.Vigo d'Arsouilles x Darco) for the final of the six year old. Farfelu jumped the first two qualifications with very nice clear rounds. In the final she had the middle part of the combination down to give her four faults. Farfelu also finished the championship in 14th place out of 265 starters!

No show for Harrie and Jos this weekend. Harries next show is CSI3* HOYS in Birmingham from 7th until 9th October. He will take Exquis Oliver Q, Udo and Exquis Powerfee.

18/05/2011 Emerald in Leipzig

Harrie rode approved BWP stallion Emerald (Diamant de Semilly x Carthago) in the international classes for 7 year old horses at the world cup final in Leipzig. He jumped exceptional clear rounds every day finishing 6th in the final (see video below).

On the 6th of April four year old Delilah (Darco x Le Tot De Semilly) gave birth to a filly foal by Emerald . On that  very same day Harrie won the first leg of the Dutch National Championship in Mierlo and Jos won with Tia Maria at the Groenten Jumping!

Delilah is a home breed mare by Darco and out of the successful mare Eloise de Semilly (Le Tot De Semilly x Night and Day). Eloise was a member of the Australian team at the World Champioships in Jerez with Jef Bloomfield,  thereafter she was successfully ridden by Harrie Smolders, winning alot of international classes including the Grand Prix of Cervia in Italy.

Eighteen year old Indiana ( Farmer x Farn) gave birth to a bay filly foal on the 22nd of April. Indiana was also successfully ridden by Harrie Smolders, winning more than 30 international classes in her career including the indoor derby at s'Hertogenbosch twice.

22/03/2011 Emeralds son Reserve Champion

BWP Stallion Test
I'm special de Muze, son of Emerald van t'Ruytershof and out of our top grand prix mare Walnut de Muze was chosen as reserve champion at the third phase of the Belgian warmblood stallion test. This 4 year old black stallion certainly didn't steal his name, he showed exceptional quality not only free jumping but also under the saddle. 

View bwp website at  http://www.bwp.be/_html/hengsten.php?stb=1&page=hengsten

CSI2* Vidauban - 18-20 March
Jos is preparing his horses for the outdoor season at the Vidauban Spring Tour in the Cote d'Azur. 

On friday Tia Maria (f. Numero Uno) was third in the 1m40 two phase.  Seven year old BWP approved stallion, Excenel (f. Thunder vd Zuuthoeve) jumped all three days nicely clear finishing in 6th place in the 1m35 on sunday.  Cayak (f. Calido) had a fast round in the 1m50 speed class on saturday but had the last jump down which put him down to 15th place.

Jos will ride the same horses this weekend (25-27 march) in Vidauban.

GCT Doha - 17-19 March
The top 30 riders of the World Rolex Ranking list were invited to Doha, Qatar for the first leg of the Global Champions Tour 2011. With 475.00 euro on offer in the Global class, the sport was brought to the highest level. The course was more difficult than the first round at the world championship.

Harrie took Exquis Walnut De Muze and Exquis Powerfee. Walnut was his choice for the Global, she jumped a fantastic round but just had one jump down, with more than eighteen clears he was not required for the second round. Walnut and Powerfee both jumped nice clears on the first day getting miner placings. Powerfee was placed 10th in the 1m50 on saturday.

Harrie next show is CSIW Indoor Brabant, s'Hertogenbosch from 27-29 March. He will take Regina Z and Exquis Oliver Q. This is the last world cup qualifier of the season for the central European leaque.  Harrie is in 12th place with 43 points, the top 18 riders will qualify for the final in Leipzig.

Harrie will be the guest BLOGGER for www.worldofshowjumping.com at CSIW Indoor Brabant, s'Hertogenbosch. You can follow at: http://www.worldofshowjumping.com/news/25-news/377-harrie-will-be-our-guest-blogger-for-the-weekend

Jamal Rahimov
The Rolex one to watch for february 2011 is the Euro Horse based Azerbaijani rider Jamal Rahimov. 23 year old Jamal jumped from number 469 to 198 during february, a move up the Rolex Rankings of 271 places.

The Rolex one to watch is a new initiative which identifies the rider who has made the biggest jump within or into the top 250 on the Rolex Rankings of the previous month.

26/02/2011 Emerald Van T'Ruytershof wins in Gent

At the Winter Equestrian Nights in Lier two weeks ago Emerald was 2nd in the 7yr stallion class, this weekend in Gent he was the winner. Seven stallions went through to the jump-off, Emerald (Diamant de Semilly x Carthago) showed that he is not only super careful but he is also fast by winning the class by almost two seconds.

Fresh and frozen semen is now available from Emerald. For all information tel: Paul Buyens 0032 (0) 475 257592. www.twinkeling.be

Harrie and Exquis Oliver Q (f. Quattro B) were fifth in the Grand Prix of Gent. Only seven combinations managed to jump clear out of eighty four starters. It was Olivers second show after a four month break.

Jos and Cayak (f. Calido) jumped clear both thursday and friday in the 1m40 class. On thursday they finished in 8th place. Jos was too young to start in the Grand Prix.

Full results at:  www.chronomax.be

13/02/2011 Emerald outstanding at the WEN

BWP approved stallion Emerald Van't Ruytershof (Diamant De Semilly x Carthago)  showed his outstanding quality in the competition for seven year old stallions at the Winter Equestrian Nights in Lier. He jumped double clear and finished in 2nd place. See the videos below.

24/01/2011 Emeralds first offspring outstanding

Zilveren Spoor, Belgium

The second phase of the Belgian Warmblood Stallion Selection was held at Zilveren Spoor in Moorsele this weekend. One of the outstanding loose jumpers was the 3 year old "I'm Special De Muze", the sire of this stallion is EMERALD (s. Diamant De Semilly x Carthago), who was vice world champion 6 year old last year in Zangersheide with Harrie Smolders and the dam is Walnut De Muze (s. Nebab de Reve x Chin Chin), winner of the Grand Prix in Doha, Mechelen... and  Super League Nations Cups at Galgary, Dublin.......

You can watch Emerald compete at the WEN in Azelhof on 11 feb.

Fresh and frozen semen is now available from Emerald.

 For more information visit  www.twinkeling.be or tel Paul Buyens  32 (0) 475 25 75 92

News from USA
Tracy Magness and Tarco van de Moude (s.Darco) started the circuit in Ocala, Florida with a win in the Brook Ledge Welcome Stakes. In the same class her 9 year old Eurohorse Carrera was placed 6th. Carrera is by Darco and is the daughter of Walnut de Muze. Tarco also finished 3rd in the sunday Grand prix.

Urbanus (s.Heartbreaker) with his rider Charlie Jayne were 8th in the saturday night Grand Prix at the Wellington horse show in Florida

Harrie will compete at the 5* world cup qualifier in Zurich this weekend (28-30 Jan) with Regina Z and Exquis Walnut de Muze.

27/09/2010 Emerald 2nd in world Championship 6yr

Approved Belgian Warmblood stallion Emerald (f. Diamant De Semilly x Carthago z) won the  silver medal in the World Championships at Zangersheide for 6 year old horses.  Emerald showed his outstanding quality jumping clear all the way just to be beaten on time in the final jump-off.

Annelies and Cayak (f; Calido x Masseto) finished in 7th place in the Belgium National Championship.

See videos below.

Recent results of Emerald offspring (only FEI level)

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