Harrie is the new leader in the LGCT Ranking

Copyright photo: Stefano Grasso

 After the sixth leg of the LGCT in Cannes Harrie is the new leader in the LGCT Standings. With his two top Grand Prix horses Emerald and Don VHP Z  they have produced top results throughout he season.

Team Hamburg Diamonds finished on the podium in 3rd place. They now go into 2nd place in the overall standings.

Results St Tropez
1m45 2 Phase
IGOR - Clear round 9th place
HOS D'O - clear roud 10th place
1m55 Jump-Off
CARACAS - 3rd place

Results LGCT Cannes
1m45 Two Phase
IGOR - Clear Round 6th place 
1m60 On-Time
CARACAS - Clear Round 11th place
EMERALD - Clear Round 12th place
EMERALD 10th Place

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