Jos and Harrie at CSIO5* La Baule (FRA)

Copyright photo: Séverine Moronval

This weekend Jos and Harrie were at the CSIO5* of La Baule in France.

On Thursday they both started good in the 1.40 class, Jos with Domino and Harrie with Emerald, they both stayed clear with only pitty time faults.

This was a good preparation for the Nations Cup on Friday, where they had to compete against each other, Harrie for the Netherlands and Jos for Belgium.

Here they also did a great job, Jos and Domino had a super first round and stayed clear, in the second round they had one down. Harrie and Emerald did similar in the opposite way, had one down in the first round and stayed clear in the second round.

The Belgian team ended at a 4th place, unfortunately the Dutch team had a bad day and ended 8th.

Both Jos’ and Harrie’s horses had a good weekend with some nice results: Aiyetoro (Concorde) and Harrie ended 5th in the 1.50 class, Don VHP Z (Diamant De Semilly) brought Harrie to a 4th place, also in 1.50,  Jos and JK Horsetrucks Leasure Z (Levisto z) had only a time fault in 1.50 and with Farfelu De La Pomme (Vigo d’Arsouilles) Jos had one down in the 1.45 class.

Thank you very much Séverine Moronval for the beautiful pictures!!

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