Euro Horse Team @ National Gold League in Herselt (BEL)

This weekend the Euro Horse Team went to the National Gold League show in Herselt (BEL) and judging by the nice results, they were clearly in good form.

Jos won the 1.30 class on Friday as well as Saturday with Comme Il faut (s. Diamant De Semilly), with Clearwater (s. Clearway) he ended 4th in the same class. His other horses Victer Finn (s. Va-Vite) and the 6yo Japatero VDM (s. Eldorado Van De Zeshoek) were also double clear.

In the  1.40 class Jos and Sunshine (s. Diamant De Semilly) ended 2 times at the 4th place, and with Campus (s. Cartoon) he was 5th. His 8yo handsome stallion JK Horsetrucks Leasure (s. Levisto) also jumped clear in the 1.40.

Harrie brought the Copernicus horses Capital Colnardo (s. Coronado), Alex (s. Arpeggio), Arjo (s. Uno) and their new 11yo Apollonia (s. Bogegaarden’s Apollo). This beautiful mare made a great first appearance and ended 2nd in the 1.40 class on Saturday, just before Alex, who was 3rd on Saturday as well as Friday. Also with Capital Colnardo Harrie was clear and ended 6th.

With EH Quick Nina (s. Quidams Rubin) Harrie ended 4th in the 1.30 class on Saturday.

Mike’s horses were also in good shape, the new Hysis (s. Indoctro) was clear in the 1.20, as well as Tresor d’Arsouilles (s. Taran De La Pomme) and in the 1.30 the new 8yo Chablis S (s. Cartano), Delilah (s. Darco), Chella (s. Chellano), Hercules By Immofluisteraar (s. Larino) and Igor (7yo by Emerald) all jumped double clear.

On Sunday Mike jumped the 8yo mare Maraca La Silla (Quintero LS x Capitol I) in the 1.35 class, she was also double clear.

Lots of nice results and a great weekend for the Euro Horse Team!

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